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And remember ……… Take care of yourself by making good decisions each day:

Let’s put it in perspective.

Statistics reveal that only 3% of the over 50’s population regularly exercise, and yes while everyone knows that it’s important to be active, eat the right food (& the right amount) and minimise alcohol intake, 97% of the population don’t do this.

At RA50 we recognise that life balance is important, particularly for the Baby Boomer. We also understand that if you are doing the right thing 90% of the time, little indulgences 10% of the time can be fine. Moreover life for the over 50’s is recognising that fun, education, social interaction and interesting things to do is also very important.

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Keeping Your Life Balanced

This also means making sure that self-care is as important as all of your other responsibilities. The reward includes less fatigue, more peace of mind and – perhaps – a longer, happier and healthier life.

A healthy lifestyle goes beyond being active and eating well. Your emotional well-being, stress levels, sleeping habits and more all effect how well YOU feel.