Personal Trainer - Graham
  • Classes run Tuesdays & Fridays at 10:30am

Just for you if you live close or within a half an hour drive to Hawthorn, Victoria. They are all about building and keeping strength, flexibility, co-ordination, stability, and balance. And an efficient cardio-respiratory system of course. 

For us over 50s, being fit and healthy is the key to quality of life. Far from being a time to slow down, if we can stay fit, there’s virtually no limit to the activities we can enjoy. The ‘big 5-0’ that so many dread can actually be the start of a wonderful, active and fulfilling time in our lives.

So come, join in and have some fun!


5 St Columbs Street Hawthorn, Victoria


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After you’ve made your booking

We will email you back with further important information and to confirm everything.  Your class selection/s, dates, and times, what you’ll need to bring to class.

Purchase OptionsTotal PricePrice Per ClassCan I bring a Friend30-minute Consultation with GrahamHealth & Fitness AssessmentCopy of the “Renewed after 50” book.Can I attend Face to Face Classes*
Single Class Pass$15$15YesNoNoNoNo
20 Class Pass$150$7.50YesNoYesNoNo
Monthly Subscription$69
per month- opt out anytime.
depending on number of classes attended – no lock in.

* If you live close to Hawthorn, Victoria your subscription is applicable to our “Face to Face” classes.