Good nutrition remains critical throughout life to get the necessary nutrients that keep you strong and enable you to fight diseases.

Ideally, you’ve been practicing healthy eating habits throughout your life, but as the years pass and you lose lean body mass (muscle), your metabolic rate slows down and you burn calories more slowly. This means that you need nutrient-dense foods to provide vitamins and minerals without too many calories. But, exactly how much and when you should eat still depends on how active you are.

At “Renewed after 50”, we’ll take a look at your current eating habits so you can understand the impact they may be having on your health and lifestyle goals and sometimes a referral to a dietician might be required, we’ll support you (and come with you if you like). We want to ensure that you’re getting the nutrition that you need, so you have the energy to get up and go! Don’t know where to begin?

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At "Renewed after 50"

A personalised service for over 50's who wish to:

  • Loose some unwanted kilos (ask about our Weight loss 'Buddy Program' Register HERE to get started.)
  • Improve self esteem
  • Improve movement
  • Improve the way you look