• Working with YOU to create a well-paced wellness or fitness program that is tailored to your strengths, likes & dislikes
  • Working with YOU to help you achieve specific, measurable & attainable goals
  • Working with YOU to guide and support you in dietary change if required and assist you with proper form and techniques in exercise to ensure that no time or energy is wasted
  • Working with YOU to refine and redesign your support program to keep it fresh & challenging
  • Working with YOU to support you every step of the way
  • Ask about our “Buddy Program”

“Go4Life” Group training, Online, Indoors & Outdoors

Group fitness classes in Melbourne - Renewed after 50 Go4Life group training

These group fitness classes for older adults aim at all round benefits for over 50’s. The program focuses on strength, cardio, coordination, agility, flexibility, balance, stretch, and a little bit of fun.

Regular Weekend Walks

Fitness training for over 50s - Renewed after 50 walking group

We get together fortnightly (weather permitting) usually on a Sunday morning commencing at 9:00 am and finishing at around 12:00 noon.  Come and join us with other like-minded people in a safe and friendly environment. Our walks are most often rated as easy and apart from all the chatting that occurs during the walk we always stop for a coffee guaranteeing more opportunities for conversation.


Hiking fitness training over 50s program at Renewed after 50

As you would expect, hiking is a great way to get in touch with nature while getting some exercise as you explore. From improving your cardiorespiratory system, coordination, agility, balance, and mental well-being – and even helping in our social lives, hiking offers all kinds of tangible benefits. These hikes are programmed monthly.

Personal Training

Personal training in Hawthorn with Graham at renewed after 50

Our specific interest is support packages that mentor and assist our over 50’s clients who find it too difficult or confronting to go to a gym but would like support to get a quality of life that many of us take for granted. Whether it is your place, ours or in a local park, our personal training based in Hawthorn will provide the support, motivation & guidance needed to help you achieve your goals.

Balance Training

Balance Training - fitness classes for over 50's at renewed after 50

If you haven’t been challenging your balance recently, the chances are your balance isn’t as strong as it once was. The good news is that, by adding balance exercises today, your body will soon respond and your balance will improve. As with any exercise program, take advice from an RA50 fitness instructor and start easy in our over 50’s exercise classes. View our 10 foundational Balance Exercises for Older Adults and Seniors to learn the benefits of our balance group fitness classes. 

Do not put yourself at risk of injury. (The exercises recommended on this website are not suitable for everyone. Always consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.)


healthy foods - Nutrition advice from your personal trainer in Hawthorn at Renewed after 50

Let us look at your current eating habits so you can understand the impact they may be having on your health and lifestyle goals. We want to ensure that you are getting the nutrition that you need, so you have the energy to get up and go! We can provide you with advice on how to have a healthy diet. Maybe a visit to a nutritionist will help.

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