Free initial consultation to understand your personal goals:

Before we design a program we need to understand what you’re hoping to achieve and in what time frame.  Of course we take account of your current health & fitness status and consider that you may already be very fit and may simply want to prepare for an upcoming event.  On the other hand you may not have been active for some time (or exercised at all) and want to become healthier more active and stronger.  All of these factors are important when we design a program specifically for you.

Comprehensive pre-exercise assessment:

We complete lifestyle audit and take some key measures of your health, such as blood pressure and resting heart rate. We do this to ensure your exercise program is specifically tailored to your needs and current fitness level. This way we can promise you maximum results in minimum time while ensuring your safety, i.e. no injuries or health scares.

A personalised program designed to guarantee variety, interest and fun:

Irrespective of your current level of fitness we will design 2 interesting and appropriate programs for you that will challenge you and motivate you towards your end goal.  Our trainers will work one on one with you demonstrating how each activity is completed correctly & safely. They may also tell a joke or two so be ready to have some fun and a laugh or two along the journey.

2 personal training sessions per week tailored specifically to your goals and aspirations.

You may not have ever exercised before or you might already fit or very fit and want prepare for an upcoming event. Our fully qualified and experienced personal wellness trainers will mentor you ensuring that you achieve your goal.  They will personally demonstrate each exercise, work with you and guide you through your program.

Homework prepared for you so that you know what to do in your own time.

What you do in your own time is critical to your success; we therefore provide you with programmed activities to complete and nutritional information to implement at home.  It’s important that you stay motivated when you’re not with your trainer and remember “You can’t out-train a bad diet” so we will consider your eating habits and provide mentoring where needed.

Unlimited email contact for mentoring and instruction. Guaranteed reply within 24 hours.

As with phone contact you will likely have questions but perhaps not necessarily needing a quick response: just send us an email and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

“Exercise reassessment at 4 week intervals. The reason we do this is twofold:

  1. After about 4 weeks on an exercise program your body will adapt to your program and you will start to get diminishing returns on your efforts. It is for this reason that the best exercise program you can ever do is the one you were not doing last month! In addition we want to keep some variety in what we do so you don’t get bored, we will therefore change your program at this point.
  2. Four week blocks are a good time frame for us to do some tests so we can see how far you have progressed. You will be introduced to our famous “results room” where every 4 weeks we objectively demonstrate the physiological changes that are happening to your body and more importantly the positive changes that are occurring with your health.

Includes a “Welcome Pack”

Our welcome pack is just our way of saying thank you for choosing RA50 for your health and wellness.