The “Weight Loss Buddy Program” includes everything in the Total Wellness Package and the additional service noted below:

Additional weekly training and mentoring to fast track you towards your goals.

Our Buddy Program includes additional daily meetings with our personal wellness trainers to get you started in the most effective manner.  If you really want shed those unwanted kilo’s then this intensive program is the right one for you.

If requested we will accompany you to your dietician and/or your doctor:

In certain circumstances a visit to a dietician and/or your doctor may be necessary prior to designing a program for you.  We will accompany you to these appointments (if requested) to understand any specific impediment in programming that we both may need to consider. This service is offered so that we can understand any medical limitation or dietary adjustments required prior to implementing a wellness package.

A food diary is provided.

We’ve all heard the saying “We are what we eat” it true – the food diary will help you keep on track by recording everything you eat.