Doing nothing now to build and maintain strength and fitness invites the consequences of frailty and—most important—the loss of independence in later life. -anonymous

The two major concerns of Over 50’s are:

1) Will I have enough money for a comfortable retirement? And

2) Will I stay healthy enough to enjoy it?

As far as number 1 is concerned I’m not a financial adviser by any stretch of the imagination but I am a Personal Trainer and have witnessed many people who haven’t had any regard for their physical condition.  Apart from those folk that have a medical condition that impedes any desire for physical activity there are others that have taken the decision not to be active.  It makes me very sad to see folk that have no real impediment to an active lifestyle and chose not exercise.

More Over 50’s will have diligently though through their financial future with detailed plans but very few will have any plan for their physical wellbeing as retirement rapidly approaches. Boomers retirement is no longer way into the distance Boomers its quite visible on the horizon.

Indecently if you haven’t a sound financial plan in place get moving and make an appointment with your accountant and/or financial planner and get it done!!!

To the main topic . . .

In our youth it is just about impossible to think that in the future we me be bent over with osteoporosis crippled with arthritis muscle wasting away and taking a barrage of medication to manage a myriad of conditions.

But believe me it starts much earlier than you may think:

If you’re a man or women over age 30 and you’re not engaging in any resistance exercise you’re now losing muscle tissue every year. Around age 50 the loss starts happening faster and after age 65, it accelerates even more. Visit a retirement village or a nursing home (if you want a fright) to witness just what can occur through little or no activity.

There is no doubt that we will all age but we can ALL improve our quality of life and delay the onset of aging by ensuring that:

  1. Our diet is made up of an abundance of good quality natural food with the emphasis on Whole Foods and predominately plant based.
  2. We engage in an exercise program appropriate to your level of fitness. (Remember!! you cannot out exercise a bad diet)