This question generally is one of the first questions asked…… Should over 50’s do Hi Intensive Interval Training, (HIIT) is it safe? 

It really depends on several factors. Do you have any underlying health problems? what exercise or how active have you been recently? For those who are reasonably fit or in decent shape and with no prohibitive underlying health problems, the answer is yes. But as we get older the answer is not so clear-cut. 

High intensity intervals are great for overall physical conditioning and will also burn off fat better than, say, aerobics such as long distance running. 

But when it comes to over 50’s who have not exercise for a while or perhaps have never exercised, a much smarter approach than HIIT would be a better plan of action. For example, a starter program incorporating strength, cardio, balance coordination and agility. Then when a base level of fitness has been established a HIIT program might be become part of the overall fitness prescription. 

For me, I make sure that I am doing a little of everything every week. In my opinion, Cross Training is the best advice I could give for us over 50’s. 

In a typical week: apart from delivering approximately 6-10 “GO4LIFE” classes: 

  • lead a walk for the Renewed after 50 Hawthorn Walking Group 
  • I will do a weights workout – usually with lighter weights these days. 
  • Generally, two 8-to-15-kilometre Grade 3 hikes per month with the Renewed after 50 Hiking Group
  • Either a couple of bike rides or a jog or two. 
  • I Make sure that I get one day (sometimes two) just resting. Remember rest is just as important as exercise. 

Here are general workout guidelines that I recommend for over 50’s of any age: A balanced fitness program should include elements of

  • Strength Training 
  • Cardio exercise 
  • Mobility 
  • Coordination 
  • Agility 
  • Balance and 
  • Flexibility movements. 

Sometimes Renewed after 50 “GO4LIFE” training will combine all the above elements in a single group training session, or, of course, they can be divided into separate segments in other sessions. 

Don’t do “marathon” workouts or push yourself to hard. Generally, anything over an hour in a gym is too much. Less than an hour is usually even better, if it is time spent training, not standing around talking. 

Select exercise programs that appeals to you, personally. Group exercise classes are right for some people, other may prefer to train by themselves. 

If you decide to include a HIIT program into your exercise plan, be sure to ease into it. There is a training lifestyle for every taste and to meet every fitness goal. 

Get excited about your health your age and your future.